The Complete Beginner’s Guide How to do Marketing

Basically, marketing is the process that companies identify, predict, and give satisfaction ideas to the customer to grow their business.

So, today I will tell you how you can grow your business using marketing fundamentals techniques for your business. and wait a minute you thought I was going to turn to the answer about marketing fundamentals. But I don’t think you read the headline I wrote above. So today I am going to give you some tips about personal branding, digital marketing, CATT marketing funnel, and integrated marketing. So let’s dive in

Marketing is a very deep concept and all of the companies have to build their business in this world. So I want to suggest the best marketing 4P strategies to implement your business. The 4P stands for (Price, Place, Promotion & Product).

Product: The products or services that the company offers to its customers. So basically products or services should fulfill the needs of existing customers or supply a new demand to the customers. To be a successful marketer we need to understand the life cycle of a product & services. The type of product & services also how much businesses can charge for it, where they should take it to place in the market, and how they should promote it in the market.

Price: Price is the amount customers pay for the products & services. We need to understand the price of products & services of real value. We must have to give some seasonal offers & discounts offered for products and services. I observed some things in the market some companies may raise the price to give the product & services the appearance of being a luxury. Alternatively, they may lower the price so more customers can try the product.

4P’s Marketing Funnels

Place: Place When we make a decision regarding the place, We are trying to figure out which place is suitable for our business or products to sell in the market and what is the best way to deliver the product or service in the market. Our motive for business goals is always to get their products and services in front of the customer that is the most likely to buy them.

Promotion: Promotion means We have to advertise our own business in the market. That includes advertising, public relations, and promotion of these things necessary. We need to promote products and services in the market so the customer needs to understand why they need the products and services. Then why should the customer pay for particular products and services?

Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing, Digital marketing means you can promote your service and products online. That includes lots of things such as SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing & Email Marketing, and more things. It is a great way to connect people and grow our own business online.

SEO: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, It is a great way to drive organic traffic to your website. (Ex. Keyword research, Creating Content, Catchy headings & description, and other aspects) We don’t have to pay any amount for clicks, but getting a page to rank usually takes quite a bit of time and effort.

PPC: PPC stands for Pay Per Click advertising. It is a great way to target a  very specific customer who is looking to buy the products or services like you.

SMM: SMM stands for Social Media Marketing is the free, organic way to generate sales or revenue for your products & service. Social media is a long term process it takes a lot of time and effort to drive sales, But in the future, it can be delivered much cheaper results 
Email Marketing: Email marketing is the oldest form of digital marketing and it’s still going very strong. I have observed most digital marketers use email marketing to advertise special deals, discounts offer, or promote any kind of event.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is the oldest form of digital marketing and it’s still going very strong. I have observed most digital marketers use email marketing to advertise special deals, discounts offer or promote any kind of event.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is a method of marketing used ever since the concept of digital marketing came into existence. This method primarily includes the following methods like Newspapers, Radio, TV ads, Print Ads, and more things including traditional marketing.

Newspapers: The best way to approach the customer to buy any type of products or service. This is the best way you can use this method, You can advertise your products or service in this way.

Direct Mail: Direct mail marketing creates a brand awareness of our product or service through postcards, letters, flyers, brochures, and other methods printed pieces sent through the Email. This type of marketing technique is targeted at a particular type of customer in the market.

Telephone: The telephone is the best way to attract a customer to your business. It is the practice of delivering sales messages over the phone to convince the customer to buy a product or service from us.

Print Marketing: Print marketing includes advertising your products and services through newspapers and magazines. Print marketing is both a large marketing and niche-marketing strategy. As a large marketing strategy, printed advertisements reach different classes of people in the market, But there are some advantages and disadvantages who might or might not have an interest in the buy the product or service.

CATT Funnel: CATT Funnel is introduced by Digital Deepak (Deepak Kanakraju), CATT Funnel is lead strategies it is a processed seller journey from getting the brand awareness of the products or services, and then finally they purchased from a trusted person in the market.

So, CATT stands for Content, Attention, Trust, Transaction.

CATT Funnel
CATT Funnel

Content: We have to create a quality of content that the customer wants to purchase from us.

Attention: Then we have attracted the customer’s attention to your products or services.

Trust: We have to build the trust of the customer by showing your products or services are a low amount of charges or The product or service is free for you.

Transaction: After we build trust to the customer, So then we have to start upselling products or services to the customer.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated digital marketing is a way to build trust with customers. You read the above headline first word it is “Integrated” means, It involves multiple processes of strategies to build the to form internet or digital business. This structure involves various digital platforms where you can sell your products & service. It included some of the digital marketing methods.

Integrated Digital Marketing
Integrated Digital Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • PPC Marketing (Pay Per Click Marketing)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Website Development & Designing
  • Content Writing/ Marketing or Script Writing or Blogging

We have to develop these strategies for your business. It takes some time but after some time you will generate revenue. Some of the automation tools you can buy, which helps you save your precious time and efforts.

Personal Branding

Do you want to build a personal brand in the market? How to create a business around your personal brand? So here is the answer.

Personal branding is an effort to create and influence and promote yourself. Personal branding is really strong intent, we have to create a maintained relationship and build trust with customers. 

Example: You heard the footballer name Leonel Messi, he is playing football for Club FC Barcelona. So he has many followers on Instagram & Twitter, the football club he plays for that. That the real power of Personal branding.

Mass Trust Blueprint

MASS Trust Blueprint

Mass Trust Blueprint: Building trust is to continue the cycle process. You have to work on all elements Learn, Work, Blog, Consult Mentor, and start-up. It includes all processes to create Mass Trust Blueprints. The process starts with learning what you want to learn, what area are you interested in. Then you have to work on the business and take action and decide for yourself. We have written some of the content related to the field. So that’s writing any type of content it improves your writing skills. After then we have to start to approach the people for consulting and mentoring for their own business. This entire process takes some time and what you have to learn to mentor in this process. Finally, we have to build our own startup.

Conclusion: So I learned lots of things this week, Marketing is not a single day process. Marketing is a very deep field and as well as an evolved field the things will be updated by every day. So you have to learn new methods every day, But we have to follow the old marketing principles also. It is a process we can follow for our business. All things are important in terms of marketing.

November 7, 2020

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